You ARE In Control

Often we feel like we are not in control of our lives. While there are circumstances beyond our control, we have more control than we realize. Everything in life is a choice. A string of decisions. We may feel stuck sometimes and think there is nothing we can do, but there is always something thatContinue reading “You ARE In Control”

“Champions do not quit!”

I can’t remember where I heard that quote, “Champions don’t quit.” But I heard it somewhere once and it stuck with me. I even wrote it on my mirror as a daily mantra. But I want to actually think about this for a moment. Nobody every became successful by quitting. Think about it. The momentContinue reading ““Champions do not quit!””

Girls Only Camping Trip

A few weeks back I took my 2 daughters camping and fishing. It was just a 2 day adventure. One night. It was an experiment. It was just me and my 2 daughters and my 2 dogs. (Thor and Lincoln, the only boys allowed) I haven’t taken my dogs camping for several reasons. My olderContinue reading “Girls Only Camping Trip”

Easy Delicious Trout Chowder

This recipe is easy and delicious!!! I am not wild about clam chowder, because I’ve had some bad experiences, but this sounded so good to me. I made it and my whole family looooved it! (Even my Dad, who doesn’t like chowder either.) I hope you try it and enjoy it as well! There youContinue reading “Easy Delicious Trout Chowder”

What Life Has Taught Me So Far

I realize that I am not anyone special. I am not a psychiatrist or therapist or even a counselor, but I have experienced a lot in my life. I want to open myself up and share my experiences and my lessons in life so that you can see where I’ve been. I have always, forContinue reading “What Life Has Taught Me So Far”

Learn and Move on

Once you’ve address your emotional pain, it is really important that you don’t stay there too long. It is very easy for us to get stuck in the self pity part of it and then we dwell and linger in that state for far too long. This only increases and continues the pain. In orderContinue reading “Learn and Move on”

The Purpose of Pain

Pain in the body serves a purpose. As a massage therapist, I work everyday with peoples pain. But what I think a lot of us don’t think about is that pain is a very important part of life. Physical pain serves as a signal to our brain that there is an injury. That there isContinue reading “The Purpose of Pain”

Being Yourself

This is my first blog in my emotional healing series. I am passionate about healing. Helping others heal, and my own healing. It’s what I do for a living and I have grown so much since working on myself as well. I want to help others feel the same sense of growth and recovery. IContinue reading “Being Yourself”