Easy Delicious Trout Chowder

This recipe is easy and delicious!!! I am not wild about clam chowder, because I’ve had some bad experiences, but this sounded so good to me. I made it and my whole family looooved it! (Even my Dad, who doesn’t like chowder either.) I hope you try it and enjoy it as well!

I start by cooking the whole trout (cleaned and skinned) wrapped in foil. You can use whatever you’d like, but I used lemon, parsley salt and pepper and some butter. Baked at 375 for about 15 minutes. You may want to add a minute or 2 if your trout are larger. I try not to over cook it so that the bones all pull out intact. (Even the pin bones)
While the fish is cooking I prepped my veggies. I used onion, potatoes, mixed colored carrots (for some added color) parsley and thyme minced.
In a nice sized pan I cooked all my veggies all together in a little olive oil until they were starting to look soft (about half cooked through)
Here you can see the bones come out completely intact. If it gets over cooked the pin bones stay in the meat. I am careful not to over cook it so the whole thing comes out as one piece.
Here is the meat all separated from the bones.
I add some stock to the veggies in the pan. You could use any stock of your choosing, but I used chicken stock (about 2 cups) because that was what I had and added the juice of about half of a lemon. I salted and peppered it to taste and then I let that simmer for about 10 minutes.
Next I make a slurry by adding about a quarter cup of flour to a jar of cold milk. My daughter is sensitive to lactose so I used lactose free milk (about 2 cups). Put the lid on the jar and shake it up well! Then add it to the pan. I let it cook for another 10 minutes or so. After it is finished cooking, I add the trout meat. I like to keep it really clean and don’t want over cooked fish, so I don’t cook the fish in the soup. I add the trout at the last minute. I stir in most of it and leave a few larger pieces to place on top after serving.

There you have it. The final product. It was really delicious. I added some little toasted baguette slices. MMMMMM….. Amazing.

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I love the outdoors and I am finding myself and teaching others how to do it too. We are all works in progress and masterpieces.

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