Butterflied Beer Battered Trout

This recipe starts out with a butterflied trout. The butterfly fillet is kind of tricky and I am still mastering it. You can find tutorials on Youtube and on other blogs if you search for it. Once I master the technique I’ll put up my own step by step tutorial, but I am not good enough at it just yet to show you how to do that. This is the video that I learned the most from. It is definitely something worth trying out! https://youtu.be/4c0AZFz6rjU

For the beer batter I used 1/4 cup flour, one egg, about 1/2 a cup of beer and seasoned it with onion powder, salt and pepper.

I floured both sides of the fillet

only dipped the non-skin side down in the batter. I wanted to get the skin crispy.

Fried it in Canola oil.

My daughters loved this recipe. It is pretty basic, except for the filleting portion, but it’s my go to beer batter. Simple, crispy, tasty. Enjoy!

Published by esr-outdoors

I love the outdoors and I am finding myself and teaching others how to do it too. We are all works in progress and masterpieces.

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