Let’s Help Each Other Get Through Difficult Times.

During this current state of events with the Corona Virus Pandemic, we need to keep our focus on our family. Regardless of how you feel about Covid 19 the fact is that we are having to reduce our work and we are struggling. Everyone is. It’s hard. We are just trying to get through this with kids doing school from home, changes in our hours or income, juggling everything, and a dramatic election. Everything has all of us on edge and stressed out. A lot of people are encouraging you to get out and do things in the outdoors. It helps with exercise and mood, getting out of the house and getting the kids out. All of this is true. I am seeing a lot of people out with their kids or in groups getting out and being active. That is really wonderful to see.

I have found that my own kids are feeling stressed and over whelmed during this time as well. I think adults often forget that the kids are affected by the things going on in the world. We think they are just kids and don’t understand what is happening. But they hear the same news we do and they fear the same things we fear. It has been really good for me and my kids to get out and be alone while we are driving to the lake and fishing to really talk. I find out what they are afraid of and can really talk with them and ease their minds or discuss serious issues. Sometimes it’s even coming up with a plan of attack for a school assignment maybe that has them really stressed out, but having the time to really sit and talk and come up with ideas and plans has helped all of us, tremendously. I even may talk to them about things going on in my life and a lot of times they have good advice for me too. It has really helped to bring us closer together.

I just really wanted to share this quick little message to just remind people that it is important for their health (physical, emotional and mental health) to get out and be active, but it’s really important for our children too. Let’s get them out in boats or camping. Away from the every day stresses and away from social media and lets just have meaningful conversations with our kids. They are people too. With feelings, fears, worries, pressures, and stress just like us and they are seeing everything. It must be even more scary for them if they don’t really understand what is going on too. Let’s make time to be with them and talk with them. Covid 19 has changed a lot of our lives. I think it’s important that we make this time matter. Make it mean something. But let’s not forget that our kids are also having a hard time with all of this chaos and we need to make sure they are ok too.

Published by esr-outdoors

I love the outdoors and I am finding myself and teaching others how to do it too. We are all works in progress and masterpieces.

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