Classic Fried Bluegill

Everyone knows fish is great fried and I am always looking for new and interesting ways to cook my catch. But you just can’t deny that fried fish is delicious. It’s super easy and fast! So let’s get to it.

Start with your breading. I use a premixed brand that you can get at any grocery store just because it’s easy and always turns out good, but the basic mix is equal parts flour and cornmeal and seasonings of your choice. Don’t be afraid to go heavy with seasonings either. Not all of the breading will end up on that fillet, so you can add a little more than you may think. You don’t need an egg wash or anything either. I have found (especially with bluegill and sunfish) that the egg makes too much of the breading stick and it isn’t as tasty.

Next get a frying pan. I love using my cast iron skillet. It gets hot and stays hot, so bring it up to temp and then turn the stove top burner down to medium. It’s very easy for cast iron to get too hot and burn because it retains heat so well. You don’t need too much oil for this. I put about an inch deep in the pan. I do several batches if needed so that it doesn’t drop the temperature too much. They only need to cook for a couple minutes on each side. Let them get a little golden and then take them out!

I put mine on a wire rack and then put them in the oven on the warm setting to keep them warm while I may be cooking other fillets or making other sides for dinner.

There you go. Delicious little fillets that are just super easy and fast, but everyone will love them!

Published by esr-outdoors

I love the outdoors and I am finding myself and teaching others how to do it too. We are all works in progress and masterpieces.

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