10 Things Fishing Has Taught Me About Myself

Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

The first few blogs were small, little lessons in life. They may have seemed miniscule or unimpressive, but those were the first small goals accomplished that will lead to larger goals for me to set now. You see in life, we often get bogged down and overwhelmed with stress and all the little things start to pile up on top of you and you feel paralyzed. Doing something small. Achieving a little goal makes you feel good and builds your confidence knowing you can do it. (Even when you thought you couldn’t.) So I decided to sit down and reflect on things that I have learned about myself by going out to the lake on my own.

  1. I am braver than I thought I was. When life pushes you around and you let people push you around, after years of this, you start to feel small. Insignificant. Weak. Powerless. I have found my own power. My own strength. Through going on my own adventures. I don’t need someone to take me. I don’t need someone to help me. I don’t need someone telling me how to do things. I am perfectly capable and am able to go on adventures without fear. Without fear of failure. Without fear of what someone may think. Without fear of being wrong. I go. I fish. I catch. I have a good day with myself. With my own company. That is liberating and healing in more ways than I can put into words right now. (maybe a future post for that. lol)
  2. I’m patient and can roll with the punches. People always say fishing takes patience. And it does. But even more… It takes the ability to deal with whatever the lake decides to give you that day. You may go and catch no fish. You may go a week later and catch 30! You may go another day and catch 5. (This actually happened to my daughters and I.) What you have to be able to do is still have a good day anyway. It doesn’t really matter how much you catch or what you catch. It matters that you are open to what life hands you. You might get snagged or have a fish break your line. Just re-tie and get back out. Don’t get mad or frustrated. Just keep going. That is a skill that is learned with time, I believe. In the beginning I was getting very mad and frustrated. But with a little time and experience, I’ve learned that those things are all a part of fishing. And that is exactly how life works too. What really matters is your ability to just keep going. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Don’t yell and take it out on other people around you. Just re-tie and keep fishing.
  3. I’m Determined. I have learned that I am a very determined person. I’ve sort of known this. I know that when I want something enough, I’ll do what I can to make it happen. This has really shown me just how determined I am. I want to know how to do these things and I will learn. Then I go out and try it. Even if I fail or it doesn’t pan out the way I expect, I’ll go back and learn more tips and try again. I’m seeing that I am even more driven and determined than I really saw myself to be.
  4. I might be a little obsessive. LOL Ok, so I am obsessed with fishing now. I watch youtube videos and collect lures and rods and reels now. It’s a problem. But one that I really enjoy, so… It’s not a problem. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I am a better student than I used to be. In High School I was a terrible student. I did go back to school later in life and did 100 times better, but I still always see myself as a “bad student”. But I know I have so much to learn and really just want to take in all the knowledge I can. This has flooded over to other areas of my life. Not just fishing. I am truly learning everything I can. Finances, Self Value, Photography, Art, and… Fishing and Outdoors. It has just shown me that I have a lot to learn and I have goals to reach. It’s given me something else to reach for and strive toward.
  6. I do actually know what I’m doing. I have always struggled with speaking up. Speaking my mind. I often doubt myself and think I don’t know enough so I just don’t say anything or act on something. This has really shown me that I do know what I am doing and I can speak up or just do what I do with confidence.
  7. I appreciate nature. I have always appreciated nature and felt like I recharge by going out into nature, but this has really reinforced and proven that to me. I went a few months without getting out to the lake during all of this Covid 19 stuff. Although going outdoors was highly recommended I had a lot of other things I had to worry about and deal with so that was pushed to the back burner. I didn’t go out for about 6 months and I was feeling so drained, exhausted and depressed. I decided to just go out there by myself and I had the best day! I just decided I have to make time for this. I have to. My life depends on it.
  8. I love being near water. I grew up around the ocean most of my life. Now I live in Arizona and I do love where I live, but I found that I need a lake or body of water near by. Something about getting out on the water or even standing on the shore. I just love being around water.
  9. I can overcome fear and doubt. I have always struggled with fear and doubt. It seemed a million times worse after my divorce, though. I am learning how to stop letting fear stop me. For 12 years now I have always quoted a mentor of mine who says “Do what you fear and fear disappears.” but I find that I let fear stop me so much. More than I realized. I am now seeing this pattern and changing it. Fishing was one of the first catalysts to me making these positive changes in my life. Once you over come fears in one area of your life, you start to overcome the things stopping you in other areas too.
  10. I can ride the tide. Life and nature have cycles… Seasons…. and so do we. A big lesson fishing has taught me is that Seasons occur naturally. Whether it is an actual season (Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall) or a different cycle. Life Cycle, Spawning Cycles, Fishing and hunting seasons. Some years lakes will be completely full with fish. Some years aren’t as good. But it will always come back. There are just cycles in life and in nature. So those cycles or seasons in our own lives are really natural. When we struggle or are going through difficult times, we just need to ride the tide. It always comes back. The sun always rises. The Spring always follows the Winter. The Economy always rebounds. So we can know that we won’t always be down. Things will always be fluctuating and going up and down. That is just life. And if we just roll with it, things will always turn around.
Photo by Marsh Williams on Pexels.com

I absolutely love fishing! I love growing! I love learning new things! And I love who I am becoming! I can’t wait to go back out. What will I learn next time?

I’ll let you know! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

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I love the outdoors and I am finding myself and teaching others how to do it too. We are all works in progress and masterpieces.

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